A zero-client is an I/O redirector device that allows a full cluster of peripheral devices to be deployed at the desired point of service without a dedicated PC or thin client at that same location and without requiring any modifications to existing software applications. Zero-clients are network-based and contain interfaces for a variety of peripheral device types including VGA and other video monitor interfaces, serial, USB and optionally others such as audio or PS/2. The zero-client contains network protocols, allowing each of these interface types to be supported over a wired or wireless IP network without a local PC or thin client. They are connected over the network to applications running on a PC or server elsewhere on the IP network. Zero-clients may run in two modes: standard remote device mode or terminal emulation mode. Remote device mode allows remote peripherals to connect to applications running on PCs elsewhere on the network. Terminal emulation mode allows the zero-client and standard devices such as printers and keyboards to replace legacy terminals.


Additional Info

  • Gigabit LAN connection to host PC
  • Metal housing for harsh working environment
  • DVI/VGA/HDMI for variety display applications
  • Ethernet over USB technology integration
  • Patent no.: M439940
Power Brick

AC100V~240V, 50~60Hz (input) / 12Vdc @1.5A (output)

Power Consumption

3 watts + 10 watts full USB bus power

LED Indicators

Power LED, Network Connect LED, Indication LED

Input/Output Connectors

Ethernet input * 1 (RJ45, 10/100/1000Mb)

Video output * 1 (DVI-I for VGA or DVI)

Audio output * 2 (Line out phone jack/headphone)

USB 2.0 downstream ports * 4

Audio input * 1 (Microphone)

Max. Video Resolution

2048 * 1152


Operation Temperature 0 ~ +35 degrees C

Non-operation Temperature -30 ~ +60 degrees C

Operating Humidity: 10% ~ 90% (non-condensing)

Non-operating Humidity: 5% ~ 95%

Cooling: Fanless


8 VESA holes (4 spaced at 100mm centers and 4 spaced at 75mm centers)

Dimensions: 115 W * 115 D * 17.8 H (mm)

Weight: 326g

System Requirement

Intel i5 or above level, 500G HDD, 8-16G memory (recommendded)





Server OS Supporting

XP, Vista, Win7, WMS2011/2012


DVI to DVI cable (25 cm) / DVI to HDMI cable (180cm)


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Way Finder is an advanced & practical system as a communication channel between shopping mall management and clients. It is of great value for shopping mall marketing departments with its state of the art housing design that has top notch quality and standard in navigation at points of sale.

Additional Info

  • Newsletter
  • Store descriptions
  • Language versions
  • Interactive Directory
  • Shortest route indication
  • Movie listing and ShowTime
  • Route for disabled indication
  • Public Transportation schedule
  • Search by store name, keyword, category or logotype
  • Characteristic points indication (elevators, stairs, escalators, toilets, emergency exits, ATMs)
  • Usage statistics module (buttons clicked, time spent on each screen, coupons printed etc
  • Coupons statistics module (no. of prints, texts, emails per terminal, retailer or mall)
  • Optional: Coupons printing, texting or emailing
  • Optional: Advertisements in selected zones (supported format .jpg, .gif, .bmp, .swf, .tif, .png)
System Specification 

Frequency band

433.05 MHz – 434.79 MHz

Power / Range

10 mW / 100m outdoor, 40m indoor

Device support

Support up to 300

Transmitter Specification

LCD Display

16 characters x 2 rows


Numeric keys, Asterisk key and Hash key


Internal antenna, (opt. External antenna)

Device mapping

Map devices in command input 

AC / DC Adaptor

5V 500 mA


160mm x 133 mm x 41 mm / 290 g

Pager Specification

LCD Display

6 icons and 4 numeric digits


Up, Down and Ack keys, 1 x Pairing switch 


4 sound & vibrating alert patterns 

Call long

5 entries


Multi-slot charging cradle 

Battery life

Lithium battery 670mAh / 24 hrs


80 mm x 52.5 mm x 24.5 mm / 54 g 

Table Button Specification


1 x Push button, 1 x Pairing key 

Bettery life

2 x AAA Alkaline batt / 25,000 call cycles 

LED indicator

2 x red LED  (power & indicator)


105 mm x 105 mm x 15 mm / 101 g

Take Away Specification


3-digit 7 segments LED display 


1 x Pairing key 

LED indicator

2 LEDs for charging indication & 6 LEDs for alert 

Buzzer / Vibrator

1 x Sound and vibrating alert pattern


Charging through charging base 


Lithium battery 670 mAh / 18 hrs


105 mm x 105 mm x 15 mm / 101 g

Repeater Specification

LED indicator

Power, primary / secondary cell indications


100mm outdoor, 40 m indoor

AC / DC Adaptor

5V 500 mA


154.5mm x 81.1 mm x 34.5 mm / 350 g 


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