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iSolve IT is a solution firm that focuses on enhancing the business performance of the customer. We help the clients to achieve a lasting impression on their targeted marketplace by offering solutions that streamline assets and merchandize for better customer and capital management. The outcome of our solutions includes improved efficiency, better customer engagements and boost in a company’s productivity & profits i.e. Return on Investments. (ROI).

iSolve IT works with some of the world’s innovative software – enabled businesses and a cutting edge Hardware technology. With team of experience management and Executives we paired with a growing network of channel partners & corporate clients. We transform the customer’s experience through a series of well-planned steps to take the pressure off your shoulders. We are pleased to have achieved on-time performance and impeccable delivery of projects with excellent teamwork and persistent dedication. 

Be concise…in how you engage & interact with customers ( Way finding  )

iSolve IT provides solutions broadcasting audio, mapping location and video sensory marketing content at your locations be at retail or any other business place. The concept is to appeal and captivate visitor’s attention customized to the client company’s requirements and engage them longer in activities. We help design the product to be attractive and easy-to-use for the visitors and moldable to the company’s structure such as business model, corporate colours or other promotional activities.

Ideal for: Shopping Malls, Airports, Tourist Centers, Office Buildings, Supermarkets, Hospitals, Theme Parts, Bus Routes

Be clear…in your acquisitions & capital (Asset Tracking)

iSolve IT provides solutions that offer tracking visibility and control of dispersed assets for capital-intensive companies. The software helps to maximize asset utilization and return on investment by automatically synchronizing the operational and physical events of assets with financial updates.

 Ideal for: Retail, Hospitality Industry, Factories, Storerooms, Warehouses, Schools and Universities, Group of Companies.

Be open…to explore & widen your horizons ( Picopos )

iSolve IT continuously endeavors to bring in new and exciting solutions to make client-user experience more easy and enjoyable. The ECR/POS solution is in its truest sense, a complete standalone POS system with the most advanced Cloud and Mobile Functionalities. The idea is to give the staff in the company an easy interface and to give our client company complete comprehensive reports and control over the system functions & usability globally.

 Ideal for: Retail, Grocery, Spa, Stationary, Events, Schools, clubs, Textile Industry, Hospitality Needs

Be secure…and aware of people in your surroundings (Biometrics / CCTV)

iSolve IT caters to companies who want to expand and automate their time and attendance, increasing productivity and decreasing their cost of expenditure. We provide solutions to enhance the security of our clients by removing any chances of manual interference. Being secure is a necessity for everyone. iSolve IT brings you a number of immediate and tangible benefits with it’s on the spot monitoring and real time mobile management.

 Ideal for: Small Businesses, Hotel Industry, Residential Areas, Offices, Factories (Small to Large Enterprises) and Malls.

Be adaptable…to wherever you go (Wireless terminals)

iSolve IT presents our wireless and mobile technology solutions which makes a hassle free workspace for our client’s. If you are on the “on the field” and need a handy, wireless solution that is quick to respond and easy to connect, we have an all-inclusive range of solutions we help you to choose from to fit best with your requirements.

 Ideal for: Hotel Industry, Warehouses, Banking, Parking, Material Management, Field Sales & Service, Queue Busting.